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Registered Massage Therapy
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At Denise Semple & Associates our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are committed to providing you with individualized care in a relaxing professional atmosphere.

Treatment Massage

Relaxation. Improved Circulation. Increased energy.

The most traditional form of massage. This is an effective, non-invasive, all natural treatment to decrease pain and stress while enhancing your ability to return optimal health.

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Pregnancy Massage

Reduce Swelling. Decrease Stress. Relieve Joint Pain.
Pre and postnatal Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful, restorative, and relaxing treatment for a tired mom. Your body is adapting to physical, mental, and emotional changes. Pregnancy Massage is a way to support and nourish yourself during this exciting and unpredictable time.
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Active Release Therapy (ART)

Reduce headaches. Relieve Joint Pain. Release Trauma.
Active Release Therapy (ART) is an advanced and highly effective form of myofascial release that treats soft tissue to relieve tension, adhesions,
and scar tissue that develops from overload and repetitive use injuries.
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Myofascial Release

Reduce Inflammation. Treat Injuries. Release Trauma.
Myofascial Release (MFR) helps eliminate pain and connective tissue restrictions from the body to improve range of motion. This treatment can help enhance your body awareness to prevent further pain or injury.
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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Deep Relaxation. Increase Circulation. Relieve Chronic Pain.
Hot Stone Therapy Massage is a tranquil and restful experience. This ancient treatment relieves pain and stress from the body while unblocking energy points and reviving circulation. Feel the comfort and nourishment of a Swedish style massage as hot stones soothe your body.
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Warm Bamboo Massage

Relax Nervous System. Release Muscle Tension. Deep Tissue Treatment.
Indulge yourself with a luxurious Warm Bamboo/Bamboo-Fusion Massage and experience profound relaxation. Imagine a blissful muscle-melting sensation and overall sense of wellbeing.
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Reflexology (Hand & Foot) Massage

Normalize Metabolism. Relaxation. Increased Circulation.
At Denise Semple & Associates we offer both Hand and/or Foot Reflexology Treatments to relieve tension and treat illness. Reflexology is a special type of massage based on reflex points in the hands and feet that are linked to other parts in the body.
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Indie Head Massage

Nourishes Hair. Relieves Depression. Lymphatic Drainage.
The Indie Head Massage is a treatment that focuses on the head, face, neck, and shoulders to assist with lymphatic drainage, decreased sinus pain, scalp health/increased hair growth, and improved mental clarity.
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