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The Importance of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a specialized healthcare profession that plays a crucial role in promoting physical well-being, restoring function, and improving the quality of life for individuals of all ages. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or simply looking to optimize your physical performance, physiotherapy can be a vital part of your healthcare…

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Physiotherapy before hip surgery has proven to be beneficial. Here’s why.

Physiotherapists are regulated healthcare professionals uniquely trained in the field of movement therapy.  Through the use of manual as well as other modalities, Physiotherapists examine their patients to discover effective, efficient and minimally invasive treatments that aim to aid their clients reach their optimal level of activity throughout their lives. Decreasing the pain experienced by…

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How to alleviate the discomforts of working from home

Metroland Media Monday, April 12, 2021 Working from home certainly has its challenges. One of the biggest is the physical discomforts that can come with it. In our homes, many of us are not working in ideal environments. We’re using makeshift office setups that can be fine for shorter periods of time but weren’t meant…

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Gestational Diabetes Can Be a Precursor to Type 2 Diabetes

You have probably heard of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but have you heard of gestational diabetes? This type of diabetes develops during pregnancy and usually goes away after your baby is born. The alarming issue is that it is a precursor to developing type 2 diabetes later on in life. In fact, “about…

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Pelvic Physiotherapy 

If you are pregnant or expecting soon, then this article is for you! So grab your coffee and read on before you lose all sense of alone time and quiet.  A birth plan and baby preparations are important, but so is your health. Women forget how truly magical our bodies are — not only do…

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What is Pelvic Health?

Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles that look like a sling attaching from your pubic bone to your tailbone. The pelvic floor muscles are crucial for supporting your pelvic organs like your bladder, rectum, uterus (women), and prostate (men). Your core muscles (abdomen, erector spinae, obliques) also play a role in pelvic function.…

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5 Steps to Heal from COVID Burnout 

A few weeks ago, DSANDA published an article, COVID: The “New Normal” Burnout addressing symptoms to watch for it you aren’t feeling like yourself. COVID burnout is not a symptom of having COVID-19, but rather a by-product of symptoms we experience from living in a world with so many new changes and restrictions. It is the emotional…

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What is an Internal Pelvic Exam

If you are searching for information about Internal Pelvic Exams, then you know that your body is experiencing pelvic dysfunction. You may not know the exact diagnosis but have probably turned to Dr. Google in search of answers. If you are brave, you may have talked with some friends who have experienced the same issues.…

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COVID: The “New Normal” Burnout 

Are you tired of hearing the phrase “new normal”? It’s not just the saying that’s the problem. The fact is many people are overwhelmed, exhausted, and still feeling unadjusted to this post-COVID existence. So if hearing the term “new normal” aggravates you, then you might be suffering from COVID burnout — and you aren’t alone.…

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5 Steps to Creating Intentional Routines

You participate in some form of a routine every day and you’ve probably never stopped to think about it. Some routines are set with intentions and are highly effective while others — are not. Following a routine doesn’t make life boring instead it can help you better manage sudden changes that are thrown your way! …

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Setting a Healthy “New Normal” Routine

If you haven’t thought about your daily routine, now is the time to reflect on it. A routine is a fixed set of actions you perform on any given day. Before COVID-19, most people were forced into unintentional routines that consisted of work, life commitments, appointments, and hobbies. Amid all the new rules and changes…

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How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally!

Protecting ourselves against bacteria and viruses is on our minds now that school is around the corner, and COVID is looming. Everyone wants to know: Is boosting your immune system a myth? Is there value in trying to improve your immunity? The answer is yes — and no.  The truth is your innate immune system…

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What to Eat Before & After a Run

Running has increased in popularity since the closure of gyms this spring due to COVID. Aside from the benefit of being virtually germ-free, outdoor exercise also helps clear your mind and connects you with nature. With all of these positives, there are few things you need to worry about except proper running nutrition. While running…

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Healthy & Delicious Summer Salads

It’s summer! When the weather is warm our bodies naturally crave less heavy and dense foods and reach for more fresh fruits and vegetables which is convenient because fresh produce is locally abundant. DSANDA decided to round up a few of our favourite summer salads that bring together healthy nutrients with a punch of flavour…

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Men’s Health Month: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Men!

Listen up, it’s Men’s Health Month and we want to have a candid conversation with you. If you’re scratching your head at the topic of pelvic health for men you aren’t alone. We’re talking urination, bowel movements, and sexual function. It’s not exactly popular guy talk and it’s definitely not a dinner conversation. If you’ve…

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Get Your Grill on with Healthy BBQ Kebobs

Summer has officially kicked off and with it comes grilling season. Nothing tastes as good as fresh bbq, and nothing feels better than knowing you have fewer dishes to clean up after a fun family meal. In celebration of Father’s Day and the start of summer, we have decided to share one of our favourite…

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Yoga for Anxiety

Our current lifestyle has us living in a state doom and overall chronic anxiety. Amid Covid19 and social distancing, people are looking for hope, joy, or human connection only to feel anxious and uncertain at the end of the day.  Some of us are in close quarters with family members who have conflicting individual personalities…

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The Naturopathic Guide to Healthy Garden Veggies!

The weather is getting nicer and our diets are changing from heavy and greasy for hibernation to light and healthy food. We are going to help you get ready for the gardening season with Naturopathic Doctor Judy Ancheta. She has rounded up her favourite gardening veggies with the healthiest nutritional punch!  Planting Nutritious Nutrients! Let’s…

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