Denise Semple, BA, RMT

Almost immediately after graduating, Denise decided to focus her practice on Pregnancy Massage. This specialization enabled her to aid those feeling the discomfort of this ever changing time, more effectively.

Recently she read an article describing the benefits of Massage Therapy for those in the process of receiving Chemotherapy and/or Radiation therapy, or those who have undergone surgery to remove an unwanted mass. This phenomenal new wave in treatment prompted Denise to seek out more information and training. Now Denise is certified to offer aid designed to help cancer patients through this very difficult time of life.

Denise would like to thank Burlington for awarding her a 6th Best Massage Therapist* award (*Platinum award, Burlington Post Reader’s Choice Awards).

Specializing in…

  • Treatment Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Cancer Rehabilitation Therapy