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Vestibular Therapy
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Are you unable to participate in things you love because you are afraid of losing your balance? Are you frustrated with feeling dizzy? If you have vertigo, dizziness, or balance problems you may have injured your vestibular system. This can result from head trauma, inner ear issues, and/or infections, diseases, aging, stroke or brain injury, and medications. A vestibular disorder can range from mild to severe and can last from seconds to minutes to days.

Debilitating Symptoms

Vestibular rehabilitation is an effective treatment for dizziness and balance issues for all age groups. If you suffer from these symptoms then your vestibular system may need rehabilitation:

  • Poor balance
  • Difficulty reading or concentrating
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tightness
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Neck pain
  • Depression
    Sensitivity to light/noises
  • Poor tolerance of busy environments

Vestibular Rehabilitation

We can help! Our trained physiotherapists have extensive continuing education in vestibular disorders. We are experts in treating vertigo, concussions, BBPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), and other dizziness related disorders. During your initial appointment we will assess three major areas:

  1. Eye Function
  2. Balance & Mobility
  3. Dizziness and Vertigo

From the assessment we will determine the type of vestibular dysfunction you are suffering from. We will then develop a tailored drug-free treatment plan to help your body reduce or eliminate symptoms. Your progress will be monitored at intervals until we have achieved the desired goals.

Get Relief Today!

There is no reason to suffer. Vestibular therapy is proven to be so effective that the symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, and nausea can decrease dramatically or for many disappear altogether. Our treatment will include a combination of in-clinic sessions and prescribed exercises/techniques for you to work on at home. Some treatments will include but are not limited to:

● Education of findings
● Manual therapy
● Head manoeuvres
● Symptom specific exercise program

If you or someone you know is experiencing vestibular symptoms then we can help! Denise Semple & Associates is conveniently located in the heart of Burlington and has been helping patients for over 15 years.


If you are interested in a same day appointment, please contact our office at 905-639-7113 or info@dsanda.ca

Additional Physiotherapy Services

Denise Semple & Associates also offers additional services outside of traditional orthopedic physiotherapy for our valued patients! These services include Vestibular Therapy and Pelvic Health Physiotherapy.



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