Yoga Instructor

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Paula found her passion for Yoga while getting her nursing degree. The healing connection of mind, body, and breath resonated with her and helped her feel better both on and off the mat.

To Paula, yoga is much more than just poses, it’s an self-inquiry and discovery of meditation and asanas. Paula began teaching yoga in 2019. Her enthusiasm continued to grow as she was able to connect, guide and share this healing practice with others.

Over the years Paula has practiced a variety of yoga styles and is drawn to challenging classes and postures. Paula teaches classes that include a variety of postures and sequences incorporating core work, strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness.

As a yoga instructor her goal is to offer students a class to explore and grow in their practice, giving them the space and opportunity to challenge themselves to reach their edge, connect with their breath, engage with their body awareness, connect to their mat, let go and be in the now! To learn more about Paula’s class times and schedule please visit our Exercise Therapy page.


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