Jarek Gora, RMT

Jarek graduated from the Ontario College of Health and Technology in 2014. He is also certified in Upper and Lower Body Advanced Orthopaedic Massage and a certified Full Body Active Release Techniques® provider. Jarek commenced his studies in Osteopathic Medicine in 2015, attending the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton. By constantly studying human anatomy and physiology, Jarek is skilled at answering the “why” and “how” questions posed by patients.

A session with Jarek is different to what is congenitally expected. Through the influence of academics, his treatment style includes aspects of fascial therapy, orthopaedic massage, active release and muscle energy. Jarek utilizes a problem solving approach to treatment that acknowledges that the body is an integrated and complex biological machine. The goal of each session is working toward restoring function and structural balance. This will manage pain and prevent and rehabilitate musculoskeletal dysfunctions. A combination of assessment, manipulation and movement allow Jarek to work with your body to achieve this.

Jarek spends his free time running and hiking in the forests of Ancaster. On weekends he can be found DJing various events, owning a mobile Disc Jockey company for the past 15 years.

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