Cancer Rehabilitation Therapy

Provided by:  Denise Semple (RMT),

Over the past few years researchers have begun to focus on the benefits of Massage Therapy for those going through and/or just completing Cancer Therapy. Massage Therapy has the ability to:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Increase mobilityshutterstock_166681964
  • Facilitate an increase in appetite
  • Reduce pain
  • Diminish the chance of skin lesions
  • Ease spasms
  • Decrease scarring
  • Augment immune function
  • Help with body image
  • Improve circulation

Diagnosis and direct treatment of cancer are not the focus, or within the scope of practice of Massage Therapy. It is our goal to help our clients who are going through this major change in life, to cope with the side effects of receiving western medical treatments. Massage therapy can improve quality of life during this journey.

We are open for Emergency In Clinic Physiotherapy Care for those who:

a) not receiving physiotherapy treatment would put your safety at risk, or
b) there is potential for you to experience significant harm, adverse outcomes or suffering.

A receptionist will call prior to your appointment to walk through the
Covid-19 safety guidelines.
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