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Their history isn’t uncommon; a grassroots group of people who identify a problem and come together to form a solution. In this case, one of the strongest groups you can have behind your cause: Parents.

These Parents noticed that not every child at school had food in their lunch box or that many kids had food that didn’t contain enough nutrients to fuel their minds and bodies for learning.

In 1997, the parents came together and formed an advisory committee to oversee the first 6 official Student Nutrition Programs in Halton. Fast forward to 2007, just ten years later, and HFFT became an incorporated, registered, charity with its own Board of Directors and 63 programs.

As of June 2016, HFFT has programs in 110 schools across Halton and feeds more than 25,000 students a week. We have over 2,000 volunteers (including 800 students) and dozens of community partners who all work together to feed students in their communities.